Holly Thompson

grew up knowing she wanted to be an artist and always planned on illustrating children's books.  She received an art scholarship and moved to the city to pursue an illustration degree, but quickly realized two important things: she missed nature, and she'd rather paint her favorite things over and over again instead of being told what to draw.  So she moved back home to the mountains of Northern Utah and graduated from Utah State University in 2009 with a degree in art.

After graduating college she moved around the Rocky Mountain west, backpacking and skiing with her husband and finding motivation in the trees and wildflowers.  In 2012 she settled in Walla Walla, where she has found new inspiration in the ­­green farms and bright skies of the Palouse.

Holly is the mother of two little boys, but still tries to sneak in a painting every day during nap time.  She enjoys string quartets, mowing the lawn, and the oxford comma.