Fine Art in Walla Walla

Recent Work

*Updated 1/26/18*

35 new paintings including farm scenes, puffy clouds, and serene landscapes

Earth and Sky

I love landscapes, but mostly I love the sky.  This collection of "skyscapes" celebrates the beautiful, ever changing nature of clouds as they pass over the the rolling hills of Washington's Palouse and the Wallla Walla Valley.



My first love.  From forks to vegetables this collection of oil paintings on birch panels is a tribute to all things food.  Thanks to the fertile Walla Walla Valley I call home, there's no shortage of amazing vegetables to inspire.



A collection of 5x7" botanical prisma color drawings inspired by my husband's love for wildflowers, especially of the alpine variety.  Backpacking around the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana my husband couldn't help but try to identify every flower along the way.  What can I say?  The wildflower captivated me too.



They are my happy trees.  Inspired by my travels across the Rocky Mountain West, the first painting started as an accident.  Three paintings later I did the biggest painting of my life - a 48x48" monster I called "Big Aspen" which wore me out.  But after taking a break for 3 years, I'm returning to the largest living organism on Earth...